the only camp update u need 

the only camp update u need 

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i’m off to camp!! be good!! see you july 23 i think 

tonight was the best night of my life i love everyone so much and i also like kissing for five hours too that isn’t bad at alllllll

uhh so my dad just told me that i’m?? not?? going to vidcon?? 

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how do u not be embarrassed about something you made or like or yr entire life 

i just found $100 in a direct deposit envelope in my room from last december how’s yr tuesday going?

i want a thing where it simulates a bedroom in the night time and u could take anyone there at any point and you would both lay down and have one of those 4 am bed talks but it’s at any point during the day and maybe hot cocoa is involved too

holy frick i’m going to miss everyone everything
i don’t want to go to camp i don’t want to go home i’m filling up with regret and “oh no oh no” s

in the past week i’ve only slept in my bed three nights AKA my summer is way more rad than yours

"i killed a dude that looked just like you in prison" 

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*A joke about the band Dads and about fathers day*

nicki minaj shows up at your house and beats you up real bad

everyone’s super into it